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On Stage & on the Range

It is a real passion of mine to give people real information about the agriculture industry; credible information about what actually takes place on ranches in Canada. 

That's why I'm stepping up to share our story on stages, in videos, on podcasts and with customers at grocery stores. 

I'm seizing the opportunity to share our story with a larger audience. 

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Past Speaking Gigs

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Pine Ranch

Life at

You Tube Series

Hosted by Canadian Food Focus

New episodes twice monthly

Currently on the 3rd Season

More than 50 episodes of ranch life

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"She speaks in a way that is genuine, engaging, and from the heart."

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Carla Borsa, Saskatchewan Young Ag

Ranchers, are we telling our story?

I think if we as ranchers don't tell our story someone else might and they might not get it right. 

There are missing parts to the stories that are being told by our customers and to our customers. When I attended the University of Alberta I was fortunate to meet a lot of people outside of agriculture that I wouldn’t have otherwise met. It made it clear to me that there are some false stories being shared.


I feel like sometimes we, as producers, do a great job of telling our story to ourselves but I feel we have trouble breaking out into consumer space, where we really need to be. That's why I do what I do. 

If you have an opportunity to share content with a non-ranching audience or an opportunity to encourage other ranchers to spread the word I would like to help! 

Clinton Monchuk

Executive Director, Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan

“We have been working with Erika for a few years watching their ranch and family grow through the series, ‘A day in the life of Pine Ranch’. 


Erika’s videos are heartfelt, transparent and truthful about what’s happening on their ranch in Saskatchewan.   Erika is truly an agriculture advocate that has a passion for the cattle industry and wants to engage with Canadians.”

Carla Borsa

General Manager, Saskatchewan Young Ag

"Erika is a strong advocate for the agriculture industry and a dynamic speaker. She speaks in a way that is genuine, engaging, and from the heart.


Her message is very well delivered and she is a dedicated leader for the beef industry and agriculture industry as a whole. Thank you for speaking at the Sask Young Ag- Proudly Ag Conference."

Jill Harvie

Harvie Ranching

"Erika is a dedicated and passionate Beef producer that sees the ‘Big Picture’ when it comes to communications with consumers and fellow Beef producers.


Erika was instrumental in the development & implementation of the Young Cattlemen's Council, years ago, as a result the involvement of young beef producers in lobbying efforts is seen still today on Parliamentary Hill."

Erika's Audience

Erika has experience connecting with all sorts of unique people in interesting situations like the ones below. 

Image by Taylor Flowe


Image by Sander Dalhuisen



Image by Jakob Rosen


Paying for Groceries


Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Why Erika?

Erika is a teacher, speaker and educator at heart. She has been drawn to these roles her entire adult life and thrives on sharing her ranching experience. From grocery stores to classrooms and on stages Erika has been consistently: Sharing the heart and mind behind beef production. 

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2010 - Present


Pine Ranch Ltd.

Erika has day to day experience operating a ranch with 300 mother cows. She feeds cattle, rides horseback, fixes equipment, does field work and anything else that needs doing around the ranch. Plus she has 3 little girls that make her ranching life 'more efficient'. 

2019 - Present

Provincial Coordinator

Saskatchewan Verified Beef Production

The VBP+ program is an education and certification program for Canada’s beef industry focusing on on farm sustainability practises. Erika delivers the VBP training to producers via in-person workshops. She discusses beneficial management practises that are practical and realistic to implement on cattle operations.


Consumer Outreach

British Columbia Cattlemen's Association

Erika was responsible for delivering the Behind The Beef Program in grocery stores in the southern interior. She talked to customers about issues, policy and generally what ranchers do in the beef industry to bring beef to customers plates. In conjunction with the Behind The Beef program She also gave Ag In The Classroom presentations to culinary arts students for 3 years.

2009 - 2012


Erika was a teaching assistant at the University of Alberta. She also had experience teaching at Coquihalla Middle School, L.Y. Cairns School and Fairview High School. 

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Speaking on your stage in 2023

Erika and Cyle are ready to take the next step and find out if they are the right fit for your stage!

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