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We are the Stewarts

We share our ranching lifestyle with:

 ~ our neighbours and fellow ranchers,

~ people that have questions about ranching,

~ with those that love nature and agriculture and want to see more of it.

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My name is Erika and my husband Cyle and I and our three daughters ranch in Morse SK. I grew up on my family’s ranch in Merritt BC.

I loved growing up on a Ranch

but I took it for granted.

I was so proud to tell people I was a rancher. When I went away to university I really missed the ranch and realized how much I loved it, but also realized how fortunate I was to grow up on a ranch and understand agriculture.


It hadn’t dawned on me before then that some people don’t have experience or know first hand where their food comes from. Even though all of us interact with food everyday, most of us don’t know how it is produced.

This is why I started sharing life on our ranch. To share how beef is raised and to answer questions you may have.

I want this website to be a place to give everybody a sneak peak into ranch life, whether you grew up on a farm or have never been to one.

I want you to leave feeling like you have a better understanding of ranching and the process of raising cattle.

The Family Biz

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Cyle is head super puncher the hardest working guy who also enjoys working dogs, leather work and ranch roping in his spare time

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Erika loves turquoise, being outside and active, making all things sourdough: bread, cookies, pretzels and always striving to do better. 

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Bill & Terry

Bill/Papa: is the most generous person you will ever meet and the biggest jokester. He loves cheesies, John Wayne and his granddaughters

Terry/Nan: is passionate about yoga and mindfulness loves, dark chocolate and is the best Nan.

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Macy, Hazel & Rhesa

They are the next generation of handy little cowgirls who love their horses and cows, being outside and mini eggs.  They are also the head efficiency crew and we get things done way faster with their help! 

Ask us about ranching!

I learned so much as a teacher.

I have taught at Middle School, High School, University (as an undergraduate teaching assistant), in grocery stores to customers and as a coordinator for the Verified Beef Production Program.


Where ever I go I end up in a role that allows me to learn, communicate and answer questions.

So here I am, ready to answer yours. 

Farm Stats

Pine Ranch
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Mother Cows

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(first time calving)

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Quarters of land

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Acres of Land

Our go to Resources

These are the organizations that I value. I've either worked for them, volunteered with them, learned from them or just like what they represent.

Logo - Verified Beef Production.png

I am the current Saskatchewan provincial coordinator and our farm is VBP approved.

Logo - BC Cattlemens Association.png

I delivered the Behind the Beef Program in grocery stores in the southern interior. 

Logo - Can Cattle Young Leaders.png

Through this program I was paired with a mentor, Erika Fossen, who became my blogging partner and one of my best friends!

Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 2.29.58 PM.png

This organization is a whole-sector coalition made up of farm families, agribusinesses, food processors, restaurants, retailers, food companies and more. Erika works with this group to create the videos posted on Canadian Food Focus YouTube channel.

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The Canadian Cattle Association (CCA) is the national voice of Canada's 60,000 beef farms and feedlots. Their site has great information about the cattle industry in Canada

Logo - Bcrc 2.png

My husband and I were asked to be mentors in the program. We have been matched up with a post doctorate researcher. The goal is to help researchers gain a better understanding of the beef industry.

Logo - Can Cattle Youth Council 2.png

Canadian Cattle Youth Council provides youth an opportunity to be exposed to industry policy by having a seat at the boardroom table and while bringing fresh ideas to the Canadian Cattle Association. Erika was the inaugural chair of the CCYC.


Canadian Food Focus is host to Life At Pine Ranch, our Youtube Show. They have great resources like recipes, health info, farming and the environment. 

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Saskatchewan Cattlemens Association is the organization that represents cow calf operations in Saskatchewan.

Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 2.14.49 PM.png

Is a great website for beef recipes and nutritional information about beef.

Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 8.39.38 PM.png

I am currently a mentee in the CWA Next Gen Mentorship Program. My mentor is Mike Sidoryk and my mentorship is focused on governance and grazing. Two diverse topics, but I’ve found the perfect mentor to help in both those areas.

Logo - Ag in the Classroom.png

This is a great program that connects students to farms. Cyle and Erika were even given the opportunity to tour a group of teachers around their farm. 

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Pine Ranch - Aztec Design.png
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Pine Ranch - Aztec Design.png
Pine Ranch - Aztec Design.png
Pine Ranch - Aztec Design.png
Pine Ranch - Aztec Design.png
Pine Ranch - Aztec Design.png

Random facts about me 

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dog on sheep.JPG

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I love rugby; the camaraderie and the fact that it is a sport anyone can play. It requires all skills (catching, kicking, running, strength)  and all body sizes. I met some of my dearest friends through rugby and actually many of them are the reason I advocate. They are my city friends and give me a different perspective, an understanding into their thoughts and questions about agriculture as most did not grow up on a farm or ranch.



I went on an exchange to France. I lived in the Rouen with my host family for 3 months and attended school there.


I was lucky enough to travel around a little bit while I was there and go to Germany and London as well as many trips around France.


New Zealand

In 2006 I travelled to New Zealand where I worked at Flock Hill Station in the High Country. They had sheep and deer and cattle. Then I got a job as a cook for Mount White Station. I was 19 and cooking for 3 ranch hands every meal and then also for the shearing crew! Best experience of my life. That cemented my passion for agriculture. I went for 3 months and ended up staying for 8!


Blogging Blitz

In 2012 I was a mentee in the Canadian Cattle Young Leaders Program. My mentors were Doug and Erika Fossen. From that mentorship we started a blog called Life on a BC Cattle Ranch (when I still lived in BC) that was my first go at advocacy and really putting myself out there.

I have to admit...

I have a thousand pics of our girls and only 2 of myself. But do I regret it?

Nope. Enjoy.

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