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Night Checks During Calving

Night checks during calving season means we have to get up in the middle of the night and leave our warm cozy beds to check on the cows and newborn calves. We calve in April in hopes of "spring" calving and the cows calving on grass in warmer weather. However this calving season the weather has been miserable, so it makes our job as ranchers a lot harder, to ensure we are caring of our animals during these cold temperature especially the newborn calves. This video shows two night checks during cold nights. My husband Cyle checks at 9pm, I check at midnight and my dad checks at 3am. On my checks we had a few calves born out in the cold, so I had to bring them into the barn to warm them up. We take animal care very seriously and try and do whatever it takes to ensure our animals are cared for even if it means little sleep for us. In this video both night I found calves born outside and if I hadn't found them when I had they wouldn't have made it to morning with the cold temperatures.


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