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Hey its Erika,

Sharing the heart and mind behind beef production.  

We are

Real Life Ranchers

here to

share our process with you.

We know you, as a beef customer, have concerns & questions about:

how your beef is raised,

the quality of your beef,

and how it affects our environment.

My family and I are here to show you what happens on an actual ranch. So that you can feel confident in your purchase and the impact you're having on your environment and in your community. 


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Life at Pine Ranch

The video series

Start Here

Our First Episode on the Ranch

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Our most watched episode of Life on Pine Ranch

My Commitment to you...

I promise to show up on this page and in social media to answer questions honestly and authentically and share with you what we do on our ranch.


Being on social media isn’t something that comes naturally to me. I am the person that tries to take pictures to avoid being in them, I don’t love to be on camera and this is a scary venture really putting myself out there, but I believe in the beef industry and the story we have to tell.

I want people who are curious about beef production to have a chance to see and hear the truth and what we as ranchers do and how much we love our animals and value our land.

So if I can ask something of you… Respect. Let's have a real connection. A real discussion. Let's listen to each others perspectives. Ask me what you really want to know about how your beef is produced and I'll give you honest answers.

I commit to hearing your perspective and respecting your point of view. 

I'm here for it all. 

The Family Biz

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Cyle is head super puncher the hardest working guy who also enjoys working dogs, leather work and ranch roping in his spare time

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Erika loves turquoise, being outside and active, making all things sourdough: bread, cookies, pretzels and always striving to do better. 

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Bill & Terry

Bill/Papa: is the most generous person you will ever meet and the biggest jokester. He loves cheesies, John Wayne and his granddaughters

Terry/Nan: is passionate about yoga and mindfulness, loves dark chocolate and is the best Nan.

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Macy, Hazel & Rhesa

They are the next generation of handy little cowgirls who love their horses and cows, being outside and mini eggs.  They are also the head efficiency crew and we get things done way faster with their help! 

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Watch on the Vlog


How we use cattle to enhance and protect the environment. 

We share our knowledge of the land here. 

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The most common questions we get asked as ranchers. 

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Day to day

Every day, even Christmas day, we're taking care of our cattle. 

Curious about what happens day to day?


Herd Health

Watch as we care for our livestock. Everything from calving to vaccinations. 

Check it out here

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Your Questions Answered.



I'd love to speak at your next event! 

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Fill your Freezer

Ranch Raised Beef. Cuts and more

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Need a speaker at your next event 


Erika Stewart

Topics of Expertise

Cattle Production, Food Safety, Family Farm, Sharing the Ag experience

"Erika’s videos are heartfelt, transparent and truthful about what’s happening on their ranch in Saskatchewan." 

Clinton Monchuk

Executive Director, Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan

"She speaks in a way that is genuine, engaging, and from the heart."

Carla Borsa

General Manager, Saskatchewan Young Ag

 "Erika sees the ‘Big Picture’ when it comes to communications with consumers and fellow Beef producers."

Jill Harvie

Harvie Ranching

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Watch on the Vlog

Getting the job done

Watch the episodes about projects on the ranch. 
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Calving on the ranch

Watch all the episodes about calving! 

Ask us a question

Submit a question to receive an answer from an actual rancher. 

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